Within our Trust we aim to recruit staff who:

  • Are excited by their role and by the prospect of working with young people;
  • Love the processes of learning and teaching and are keen to continually develop their own skills;
  • Recognise that working in a school environment can be demanding and react positively to those demands;
  • Subscribe to the ethos of the Trust, focus on collaboration and on ‘going the extra mile’ in terms of time and commitment to get the very best from our young people;
  • Are quick to praise and slow to criticise; and
  • See themselves as potential leaders of the future.

We will continue to post here opportunities advertised at our academies.

Please keep visiting the academy websites too to find out more as we may be advertising for staff for next academic year for our academies.

Here are some comments from our most recent surveys of staff telling us what they like best about working for the Trust:

  • ‘Working with a team of highly dedicated people who all want to support each other and achieve the best outcomes for the children’;
  • ‘Being part of something new and exciting with a clear vision working towards being an exceptional, leading educational provider’;
  • ‘I am being given the support and encouragement I need to develop as well as new opportunities – the supportive leadership team are fantastic’; and
  • ‘I feel valued and very much part of a team’.