Our Trust

Our Trust was established in January 2018. We are based in Tameside and working towards developing a hub of excellence to support local schools. We currently have schools across Tameside and Derbyshire.

We have a vision for education that builds pathways for all, focusing on personal progress, academic progress, character development and progress to employment. Lifelong learning, professional development and community involvement are core to our purpose.  We aim to remove barriers to achievement and to inspire individuals by setting their learning in the context of their future aspirations.

Inspire Academy senior leaders tell us:

“The staff and community at Inspire Academy are proud members of Victorious Academies Trust and very much value the support and guidance provided by the trust leadership.  As part of a trust that is well led and managed at every level, by members who actually care and are invested in our success, we are enabled to provide the very best to all stakeholders in our communities but most of all our children and families.

As the trust expands and becomes more successful, this naturally supports the growth of our school and community both internally and externally. Great trust development management sits right at the centre of this and is crucial to ensuring that our school continues to thrive.

To be led at the highest level by trust leaders and members whose feet are still very much embedded in the ‘real world’ of education and with a clear and driven set of priorities, means that we are in the highly fortunate position of being aligned in our goal of providing all of our children and families with the aspiration and inspiration to reach their true potential, but more than this to enjoy every step of learning along the way.”