Strategic Plan

As part of our re-launch we have revisited our Strategic Plan.  At this stage of our growth and  development we have identified three strategic aims which you can see below along with the key areas linked to these aims:

Strategic Aim 1 Leadership and Corporate Governance
To ensure high quality leadership and governance at Trust Board, Local Governing Board and Academy level.  Including:

  • To develop a Trust Board that has the full range of skills and experience required.
  • To develop and embed high quality governance at Local Governing Board level with the right skills and focus and to develop and empower academy leaders.
  • To ensure that the prime focus of Trustees, Governors and leaders is on achieving outstanding outcomes for pupils.
  • To develop systems and procedures to ensure effective and efficient decision making.

Strategic Aim 2 Business and Sustainability
To establish the Trust, embedding new academies to ensure sustainability.  Including:

  • To strengthen the Trust quickly initially by incorporating new academies that are at least ‘Good’.
  • To develop the structure of the Trust to increase capacity to ensure measured and systematic growth.
  • To develop and deliver a strong financial basis for the Trust and each individual academy.
  • To ensure that we deliver a value for money provision and services for staff and pupils across the academies.
  • To ensure the continued growth and development of the newly established targeted basic need academies.
  • To improve financial operations/processes across the Trust and our academies, including making better use of software.
  • Place greater emphasis on the three year budget planning cycle and reflecting expected changes in expenditure and income earlier.
  • To continue to develop and grow local relationships and networks initially within Tameside and then into surrounding north western areas.

Strategic Aim 3 Outcomes and Effectiveness
All Academies enabled and supported to become Good or better.  Including:

  • To improve standards so that each academic year national averages are hit in terms of headline data and pupils make good levels of progress relative to their starting points.
  • To ensure that we have the capacity to accelerate progress across all groups of pupils regardless of their starting points.
  • To secure high quality teaching and learning across all academies within the Trust.
  • To ensure that pupils in specific groups at risk of underachieving are provided with the appropriate support.
  • To ensure leadership is strong and effective in all academies.
  • To develop and embed an accurate and robust self-evaluation process.
  • To develop school-to-school support.
  • To develop a highly skilled, innovative workforce, to retain people of talent and integrity who support the values and principles of the Trust.
  • To develop particular expertise of leadership in key areas such as SEND, Assessment, Pastoral Support, Mental Health, etc.
  • To develop a whole school understanding of assessment data in all academies to ensure all pupils are tracked and supported to achieve their very best.