Poplar Street Primary School

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Poplar Street Primary School in Audenshaw opened as an Academy within our Trust on 1st April 2018.

‘We are delighted to have joined the Victorious Academies Trust family of schools.  As a values-driven place of learning, we can see how closely our aims match those of the Trust and we look forward to supporting their vision in fostering happy and highly successful places for learning for the children in our care and for the communities were serve.’  Iain Linsdell, Headteacher.
At Poplar Street by working together and aiming high, they:

  • Embrace diversity and foster equality and creativity;
  • Celebrate all successes and achievements;
  • See mistakes as a valuable part of our learning ;
  • Provide a supportive, safe, positive and welcoming environment;
  • Know that what we do has a significant impact on the community;
  • Enjoy rich experiences that enhance and advance our learning;
  • Work together to support every individual on their learning journey; and
  • Reach for that next step!

At Poplar Street the school believe that everybody in their organisation has a right to expect these things and a responsibility to foster and deliver them.  They are the benchmark against which everything they do is measured.  They are not aims, to be delivered somewhere in the future, but a set of beliefs that they consider to be the foundation of what they do for every child, every member of staff, every member of our community – every day.  They link very closely with the values of the Trust and we look forward to working with the school to ensure that all pupils benefit from the close working across all our academies.

Here is a link to the Poplar Street Primary School website.